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Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Commercial Fridge and Freezer Repair

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The world of catering is fast-paced and highly demanding, so when your commercial fridge or freezer is in need of a repair, we understand the importance of fixing the issue as quickly as possible, minimising downtime and potential loss of revenue. 

CMS’ specialist catering team are on hand to provide commercial kitchen operators with support 24/7, 365 day of the year. 

From walk in units at city centre restaurants to display counters at college canteens, CMS' Refcom Elite, Gas Safe and NICEIC certified teams are highly experienced in working with a range of refrigeration appliances and brands. 

Types of Commercial Refrigeration appliances CMS can repair, maintain and install include: 

Walk in coldrooms, Walk in freezers, Under-counter and upright commercial fridges/freezers, Chest freezers, Cellar cooler systems, Beer stores, Blast chillers, Salad bars, Walk-in Chillers, Drinks Coolers, Bottle Fridges, Prep Counters, Display Fridges, Condensing Units, Wine Chillers and Ice Machines. 

Types of Commercial Refrigeration Repairs

Commercial Fridge Repair

There are many common signs that your commercial refrigeration equipment is in need of a repair, from defrosted food through to a build-up of ice inside the fridges, CMS are highly experienced in a range of commercial refrigeration repairs including: 

  • Door seals 
  • Walk-in light repairs 
  • Compressor replacements 
  • Refrigeration gas leaks 
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Commercial Refrigeration manufacturers CMS work with

Commercial Refrigeration Repair

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CMS’ commercial catering team are highly experienced and trained in repairing, installing and maintaining commercial refrigeration appliances from a range of manufacturers including: 

AHT, Arcaboa, Autonumis, Blizzard, Cambro Caterlite, Caravell,  Crystal, Derby, Designline, Electrolux, Elcold, Fagor, Foster Refrigerator, Framec, Frigoglass, Frilixa, Gamko bottle coolers, Genfrost refrigeration, Gram refrigeration, Hoshizaki, ISA, Ice-O-Matic, Iarp, IMC, Infrico, Inomak, Interlevin, J E Hall, Kubus, LEC, Lifestyle, Lincat, Manitowoc, Metro, Mercatus, Mondial Elite, Moffat, Nisbets, Polar, Porkka, Precision, Prodis, Roller Grill, Santos, Sirman, Smeg, Staycold, Tecfrigo, Tefcold, Trimco, True, Victor, Vestfrost, Whrilpool, Williams. 

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How to prevent Commercial Refrigeration break downs?

Whether you manage a care home kitchen or restaurant, commercial refrigeration is crucial to ensuring businesses can keep a stock of food that stays fresh. When commercial equipment breaks down not only can it be an expense to repair, but often a breakdown can cause the food to spoil also costing you stock and loss of revenue. 

The best way to minimise repairs on a commercial fridge is to undertake frequent maintenance and servicing by an experience and qualified commercial refrigeration engineer.  

The benefits of carrying out annual planned preventative maintenance (also known as a PPM) on commercial refrigeration not only reduces the likelihood of breakdowns but can also save costs in reactive call outs, lowers energy consumption, keeps your business F-Gas compliant and can increase the overall lifespan of the appliance. 

What is included in commercial refrigeration annual maintenance?

At CMS our team of Commercial Refrigeration Engineers are highly experienced in ensuring our customers remain legally compliant with regards to F-Gas regulations as well as carrying out quality and checks to ensure equipment is at optimal operational efficiency.  

As standard an annual maintenance programme on a commercial fridge will include but is not limited to quality and operational checks in the following areas: 

  • Checks on evaporator coils, clean and check for any damage.  
  • Checks on sensor fittings 
  • Checks on all fixings are secure and wiring properly clipped.  
  • Checks on fans, mountings, guards, and blades. 
  • Checks on bearings 
  • Defrosting of heaters and associated controls, checks on operation and condition. 
  • Checks & Inspection of pipework, thoroughly leak test. 
  • Checks on corrosion and chafing at duct entries and joints. 
  • Checks on drainage 
  • Checks for cleanliness and the operation of all pumps, all probes and all heaters where fitted. 
  • Checks on compressor for correct operation, check oil level and pressure. 
  • Checks on refrigerant charge, check quantity and moisture content at liquid level sight glass 
  • Checks on evaporators for correct operation. 
  • Checks on correct operation is indicated by even frost formation on cooler face and/or on distribution lines. 
  • Checks on interconnecting pipework. 
  • Checks for vibration and test for leaks. 
  • Checks on insulation for damage and replace/repair as necessary. 
  • Checks on alarm system. 
  • Checks on electrical connections, check all connections and wiring. Ensuring correct fuses are fitted and spares are available. 
  • Checks on controls, switches and indicator lamps.
  • Checks on ventilation not impaired. 
  • Start and run currents, check and compare with manufacturers recommended figures 
  • Checks on operating temperatures, check for correctness. 

How often should I undertake a service on a Commercial Refrigerator?

How often a commercial fridge should be serviced each year varies upon the usage of the appliance. At a minimum it is recommend that a refrigerator service should be undertaken once a year.  

Routine maintenance can help prevent the need for emergency repairs and can drive down the amount you spend on energy and water to keep these systems running. 

Without commercial refrigeration repair services, dust and dirt can build up in system that blocks fans and vents. This makes your system work harder, driving up energy costs and affecting the lifespan of your equipment. This can lead to a range of faults including frost build-up and temperature issues. 

At CMS many customers within the hospitality, healthcare and manufacturing industries will often undertake their Commercial refrigerator service as part of their annual planned preventative maintenance on all of their catering equipment. 

What is the life expectancy of commercial refrigeration equipment?

Depending on how much wear and tear they sustain, commercial refrigeration, on average, has a lifespan of over ten years. With proper maintenance, some high-quality models can last upwards of fifteen to twenty years. 

In order to extend the life of your equipment, it is recommended that annual planned preventative maintenance is carried out by an experience and qualified f-gas engineer. 

When commercial equipment is not properly maintained, it interferes with efficiency, which in turn decreases life span. 

How quickly can a repair on commercial refrigeration be carried out?

From Restaurants to Care Homes, CMS work with a variety of customers throughout the UK in repairing commercial refrigerators 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Due to our network of directly employed commercial refrigeration engineers, CMS are uniquely placed to provide same day call outs and endeavour to resolve the issue within their first visit. 

Due to our relationships with a range of manufacturers spanning over 22 years, CMS carry and stock most of the necessary spares and parts to repair commercial refrigeration issues. 

What are my legal requirements in maintaining my commercial refrigerator?

F-Gas is an abbreviation for fluorinated gas. F-gases are a group of man-made gases which have a variety of industrial applications, such as use in commercial refrigeration, 

F-Gas regulations were put in place in the UK on 1st Jan 2015 to ensure that everyone using or manufacturing such systems abide by the current environmentally friendly routines 

The main focus of the F-Gas Regulations is to minimise emissions of F-gases from products and equipment, through containment, leak reduction and repair and recovery.  When it comes to catering refrigeration, the responsibility for complying with the regulation lies with the caterers, operators and users (as opposed to those selling or servicing it). 

F-Gas rules and regulations apply to all sizes and types of businesses operating an air conditioning, refrigeration system with the CO2 equivalent charge weight of 5 tonnes and above. In order to comply with F-Gas regulations operators of commercial refrigeration need to consider:  

Preventing leakage – have leaks repaired as soon as possible by certified personnel and keep service and maintenance records detailing quantity and type of F-gas used. 

Ensure the proper recovery of F-gases by certified personnel, to ensure their recycling, reclamation or destruction 

As part of CMS’ Planned preventative maintenance package for commercial refrigerators which includes routine servicing, customers can also benefit from CMS maintaining their F-Gas records, keeping them legally compliant with F-Gas Regulations. 


Where can I find Commercial refrigeration repair near me?

Commercial Fridge Repair

Commercial Maintenance Services UK Ltd (CMS) have been providing reactive repairs and planned preventative maintenance on commercial refrigeration and catering equipment to customers throughout the UK for over 22 years.  

CMS operate a 24/7 service, 365 days of the year, ensuring our Refcom Elite, Gas Safe and NICEIC certified teams are on hand to carry out emergency repairs on a range of commercial refrigeration appliances and brands. 

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Who do CMS work with?

Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Four Seasons Health Care, Coaching Inn Group and Travelodge are just some of the businesses that put their trust into CMS to name a few.

We pride ourselves on our industry specialisms working with a variety of sectors including Restaurants, Hotels, Schools, Colleges, Care homes, Hospitals, Retail Outlets and Hospitality Venues across the UK.  

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What other services do CMS offer?

Established in 2000, CMS have built a reputation for delivering trusted and specialist M&E Hard and Building Maintenance Services to clients across the UK. 
With a team of over 190 employees operating 24/7, 365 days a year, CMS offers a range of integrated commercial maintenance services, including reactive and planned Gas, Heating, Plumbing, Air Conditioning, Electrical, Catering Equipment installation, repair and maintenance. 

From undertaking emergency repairs and annual testing and certification on gas catering appliances, through to installing entire commercial kitchens, CMS' Refcom Elite, Gas Safe and NICEIC certified teams are highly experienced in working with businesses of all sizes. 


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CMS' technical support team and engineers are always on hand and are extremely responsive, getting to even the most remote homes well within their SLA.

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I oversee the everyday compliance for 156 John Lewis and Waitrose stores . CMS have been faultless. They attend site on the days agreed and get the work done in a professional manner.

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CMS always provide a proactive approach towards technical solutions whilst working in line with the MOD Safe System of Work.

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